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Corporate Membership


As a Rotary Corporate Member you will be part of the local community and of Rotary International.

Rotary is a global network of more than 1.4 million members who believe that great things happen when dedicated minds come together.

We are community and business leaders representing different professions, experiences and perspectives, but with a shared desire to connect with others to address the challenges affecting Local, National and International communities.



Solving life-affecting problems takes real effort, commitment and vision.

Rotary members work to protect communities from preventable disease, keep women and children healthy, improve education and economic outcomes, create a safe water and sanitation infrastructure and make our community and the world a more peaceful place.

We are working with numerous partners on projects such as:
•    ShelterBox with financial support for the disaster-struck areas
•    AquaBox providing clean water availability
•    End Polio - Partnering with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to end polio, once and for all
•    Kids Out events run nationally
•    Numerous local community initiatives supporting worthy causes and assisting by means of manpower, fundraising or business advice


Participation as a Corporate Member of Rotary presents a number of advantages which include:
* Corporate Social Responsibility planning and the inclusion of activities in Company reports
* Contribution to Local community needs, National initiatives and International Projects
* Business Networking opportunities under the Rotary banner, engaging with 46,000 Rotary members in the UK and 1.4m Rotary members in 35,000 clubs in over 200  countries
* Access to the Rotary Charitable network contacts
* Proven management structures and capabilities underpinned by professional ethical standards
* Opportunity to integrate and expand the Continuous Professional Development of staff by company engagement and leadership
* Increased awareness of your organisation through the association with Rotary and the many programs that are being supported
* Enhanced community exposure through the involvement of your corporate management team

The ambition is to use our business expertise, contacts and experience to make a real difference for those who have difficulty in doing it for themselves.

Being involved in inspirational projects, both home and abroad, improving peoples lives is very rewarding.

Businesses who would benefit from Corporate Membership


  • Local independent organisations/companies well known in the area

  • Subsidiaries of larger national/international organisations

  • Companies known to have strong business ethics

  • Companies known for their charity work

  • Companies who promote Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Companies who have previously worked with or supported Rotary 

Rotary CORP MEMBERSHIP leaflet

Download leaflet

Contact us below to find out more about the Rotary Corporate Membership programme

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