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Cheshire West 

The Cheshire West Rotary is a new and unique “hybrid style” of Rotary that will include a business network element to the club to run alongside its community work.

This is a new Rotary initiative that harks back to the roots of Rotary when the very first club was a business networking club. In 1905 in Chicago, four likeminded businessmen decided that business should not only support each other but should also put something back into the community and help others. They rotated their weekly meetings around their four offices – Rotary was born.

This networking concept will be totally different to any traditional Rotary that people may know. The club will be open to local businesses people or managers of all sizes of businesses, soul traders, self-employed to small or medium enterprises in and around Llangollen and villages. During look down many new entrepreneurs came to the fore, so we are particularly looking for these people to help. By exchanging ideas and discussing challenges with other business people they can develop themselves and their business further. Our President is a businessman and our secretary is an entrepreneur and Business Mentor with the Princess Trust so experience is available. Members will support each other, develop new business relationships and learn from each other. But, importantly, all members will use their skills and expertise to develop projects to improve the lives or environment of the local community or further afield.

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Business and personal development, along with supporting the local community, are all part of running a successful business and thriving business. Yet many business owners and managers are still searching for the best way to achieve the right balance. Here’s a fresh approach to enable you to reach your next level of business success and beyond.

We are looking for people over 18,  that includes couples, from all backgrounds and experiences to build our team of like-minded people to work together to help our communities. We are fully diverse so why not come along and see what we can offer.

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